Code of Ethics

A Tarot or Oracle Card Reading can be a very profound experience and this divination method is a powerful tool for self-learning and guidance.  My mission is to guide you on your journey in this lifetime through these methods to create the life that reflects your purpose through a heart centred supportive experience, conducted with integrity, honesty, compassion and life experience.  You are welcome to take any personal advice given, however, you remain responsible for your own behaviour.

My Code of Ethics are as follows:

My Service to You:

·         I will always conduct myself in a professional manner by being on time for appointments. By being fully present, listening carefully and compassionately.

·         I will not read the cards for any person who may be under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering substances, as it is important to me that my readings are conducted in a safe and comfortable place.

·         I serve all my clients with their best interests in mind, conducting my professional activities without intentionally causing harm.

·         I am committed to the ongoing study and professional development of Tarot and the Metaphysical Arts so that my clients can be assured they are receiving the highest levels of care and expertise.  My Qualifications are listed on my website and my Certifications are available to be viewed if required.

Confidentiality and Privacy:

·         All Client names and information including information shared or discussed during a client’s reading are kept in the strictest confidence.  Unless there is an imminent threat of danger to self or others, or if requested by a court of law.

Honesty & Transparency:

·         I will always tell you the truth of what I see in a reading.  If there are challenges in the reading, I will tell you honestly with compassion and I will share whatever additional insights I see within the reading.

·         I do not predict winning lottery numbers or give readings related to predicting a person’s death or relating to illness.

·         I am not a fortune-teller.  I believe in free will and that the Tarot cards show a possible outcome based on the current energy and that a person’s free will and actions based on what they hear in a reading can change the final outcome.  The client is always personally responsible for the final outcome of all readings. 

·         All fees and the length of a reading will be clearly stated prior to the reading.  If during a reading the client is not satisfied with my level of knowledge or my ability to communicate the information presented in the cards, or otherwise dissatisfied with the way the session is conducted (not related to the actual content of the reading, which may or may not be objectively judged by the client), I will refund my fee or make other arrangements to the client's satisfaction.  Once the session has ended, I am not responsible for any eventual outcomes.

·         I retain the right to refuse to conduct a reading that does not adhere to my code of ethics.  I also retain the right to stop a reading partway through and not continue.  In both cases, any monies that have already been exchanged will be refunded.

Reading for Third Parties:

·         I do not conduct readings for anyone other than the client who is present at the reading as they have not given permission for me to read for them and it is an invasion of their privacy.  E.g. I do not answer questions such as does my ex-boyfriend still love me?  These questions will be re-phrased or declined.

·         I do not allow other persons to be present in the reading, all readings are only conducted with the client present.

Reading for Minors:

·         I do not conduct readings for anyone under the age of 18 unless they are accompanied by a parent or legal guardian or I have spoken to and have written permission from the parent or legal guardian to conduct the reading and that it has been fully explained to the minor what to expect from a Tarot reading.

Medical/Financial/Legal Advice:

·         I am not a Doctor, Lawyer, Financial Advisor or Mental Health Practitioner and I am not qualified to offer advice in these areas or any other professional service for which I am not qualified.  If I am asked for a reading in any of these areas, I will instead urge the client to seek advice from a professional in the area of expertise they are enquiring about.

Compassion and Nonjudgement:

·         I endeavour to give all my readings from a heart-centred place of compassion and non-judgement.

·         I welcome, respect and honour people from all spiritual paths, ethnic heritages and cultures, regardless of age, gender, sexual preferences, personal background, or economic status.  I live and work from a personal place of non-judgement, compassion and sensitivity.

 Your Free Will and Empowerment:

·         I will work with my clients to formulate questions that help them achieve the guidance they are looking for, in order to assist them to make more informed choices about which direction to take and give them a sense of enlightenment or empowerment in the situation they are enquiring about to improve their present and/or future conditions.

·         I am sensitive to the emotional wellbeing of many people who seek Tarot readings, and I am particularly careful to encourage personal empowerment and responsibility for my clients.  I will never on purpose try to alarm or frighten my clients or use the reading for my own gain.  Nor will I allow my clients to become overly dependent upon my readings.