Readings & Healings

Photo of Oracle Cards

Oracle & Tarot Readings 

Jacqui-Marie is an empath (clairsentience) and intuitive who grew up with a strong sense of just knowing (claircognizance.)

Jacqui-Marie first learnt to read cards with her mothers "Gypsy Witch" cards, (Oracle Cards didn't exist then) at about 8 years of age.  When she was 15, her mother bought their first deck of Tarot Cards, which were based on a 14th century French deck and they explored reading Tarot Cards together and were amazed if not somewhat confused at times at what the cards told them.  Later when Oracle Cards came out, these too were explored and studied.

Over the years, Jacqui-Marie has completed Oracle and Tarot Reading Courses with Biddy Tarot, Radleigh Valentine, Kyle Gray, & Colette Baron-Reid.

Jacqui-Marie does not believe in 'fortune telling' as she is a believer in free-will.  Her readings are not about predicting your future, instead, they focus on giving you a road-map to guide you and guidance to help you decide your best next action.

Photo of Healing Hands

Reiki & Crystal Healings 

Jacqui-Marie is a Usui Reiki Master, Angelic Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Master, Crystal Therapy Practitioner, Angel Guide and Angel Intuitive.

When you have a healing session with Jacqui-Marie, she uses her combined healing abilities and metaphysical knowledge along with her empathic and intuitive abilities to give you healing experience that is created just for you.

Photo of Numbers

Numerology Readings

As a trained numerologist Jacqui-Marie can help you decipher the numbers in your life.  How is this important?  Knowing the significant numbers in your life is like having a road map to help guide you through the curves and bends that life presents you with.  

A numerology report will give you a deeper understanding of yourself and those around you and how changing 1 letter in your name or business name can create change in your life.

Jacqui-Marie doesn't just look at the final calculated number, she goes deeper and looks at the numbers behind the final number to find the influencing factors and how they too can have an impact on you.

Photo of Angel Wings

Angel Guide Session

During an Angel Guide session with Jacqui-Marie, she will firstly create a sacred space with you and your Guardian Angels.  Then she will conduct an Angel Energy Healing by bringing the Angels into the sacred space and act as a channel for the Angels to work through.  After the healing session is complete, she will conduct a 5 card Angel Card Reading.

Jacqui-Marie has been trained and certified as an Angel Guide Practitioner by Kyle Gray