Chakra Mist - Throat (Expansion) 100ml



Created specifically to open and balance the Throat Chakra.  This Spray Mist is a blend of Orange, Basil and Chamomile German Blue essential oils in Distilled water.

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddh) is located at the throat and is the 5th Chakra, it is blue in colour and it's mantra is Ham. 

The Throat Chakra relates to communication and self expression.

If your Throat Chakra is balanced you will feel truthful, authentic, open, confident, honest and have good listening skills.

If your Throat Chakra is unbalanced you will feel shy, have a weak voice, sore throat, have trouble listening to others and have hearing issues.

Use this vibrational spray in your sacred space, when you meditate and in your aura.  Personally I like to spray directly in-front of me and walk into the Mist allowing my body to absorb the vibrational energy of the Mist, whilst focusing in on the Throat Chakra.

Affirmation:  "I communicate my truth with ease"

Precautions: As with all essential oil products, there is possible skin sensitivity.   Avoid direct contact with eyes, inner ear and sensitive areas.