Witches Finger/Fairy Quartz



This crystal is a rare kind of Quartz with inclusions of Muscovite, Zircon, Iron, Feldspar, and Calcite.

When it comes to the stone’s natural condition, Witches Finger otherwise known as Fairy Quartz may be one of the most knurled and ugliest crystals that you’ll see in the world.

This crystal, will in all likely hood remind you of the witches fingers that are often portrayed in fairy tales, because the crystals shape, as well as appearance, looks like a human finger that is disfigured.

As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why it is called a witches finger. But nevertheless, this stone is extremely powerful, thanks to the combination of minerals present in it. The witches finger has plenty of beneficial metaphysical properties and potent energies. Its vibrations are also beneficial to utilize in meditation since they attract spirit guides. Nevertheless, usually, this can be found in Zambia.

This item weighs 53grams and measures 6cm in height and is 4cm across it's base.