Divine Masters Ancient Wisdom



Kyle Gray's Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom is a powerful new guide to the Ascended Masters and how to work with them to receive guidance, healing and protection.

The Ascended Masters are enlightened souls who walked the Earth (and sometimes other planets) before us and now offer their wisdom and light to the world.  You may already know some of them - Buddha, Mother Mary and the Celtic goddess Brigid - but there are many more who can bring healing and love into your life.

In the first book on the Ascended Masters for many years, best selling author Kyle Gray will help you unveil the mystery of these keepers of ancient wisdom.  You'll discover:

  • an easy-to-understand history of 33 of the Ascended Masters and how they ascended for the greater good of humanity
  • activations and visualisations to welcome the energy of these incredible spiritual allies into your world
  • powerful exercises and tools to raise your vibration and heighten your intuitive connection
  • how to access the Council of Light and etheric retreats for healing and guidance

Anyone can connect and work with the Ascended Masters.  This book will help you open to their divine intelligence and receive their support and guidance as your sacred journey unfolds.