End Chronic Disease



Ending the pattern of chronic disease and becoming resilient does not have to be complicated. At its core, optimal health begins by adjusting your beliefs, the consistency of your daily behaviours, and the diversity of your inner and outer ecosystems - or your bacteria.  By syncing with the inter-connected, adaptive rhythms of Mother Nature and changing the way you approach health and well-being, you too can cultivate optimal health.

Your body has a unique microbiology shaped over time by your lifestyle behaviours.  It's a cyclical pattern with each component linking to the next in a continuous loop. With less fixing and disease management, this book will guide you to:

  • Discover you are you own best healer
  • Breathe better, sleep deeper, and press pause more often
  • Wean yourself off unnecessary medications
  • Feed and move your body to support gut health and boost immunity
  • Reconnect with nature and each other

Author: Kathleen DiChiara is a nutrition educator, health advocate, researcher, and speaker who has dedicated her work to increasing the publics knowledge about the patterns of disease and our innate capacity to heal.  She is a Functional Nutrition Practitioner and the Founder of the Nutritional Intelligence Academy.