Living Grieving



Karen Johnson's fast-paced professional life came to an abrupt halt when she lost her twenty-seven year old son to a heroin overdose. Rather than grieve in a way that made people around her comfortable, she did the unexpected.  She retired, sold her house and all her household goods, and went on a two and a half year journey that took her all over the world, finding a spiritual practice along the way.

Karen didn't think she could ever find her way out of despair, but she found a process that worked - a sacred journey and map - that she wants to share with others so they can heal too.  This book is structured around practices that are part of the Four Winds Medicine Wheel as developed by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D, Karen blends her personal story and meaningful experiences with each direction of the Medicine Wheel, offering exercises related to each of the four practices.

Karen writes, "I want you to know something really important.  You may be feeling stuck in your grief and wondering why you can't seem to get over it.  I felt the same way until I realised we do not get over grief.  It's not like catching the flu; we aren't sick.  There is no cure, and we can't medicate it away.  Grief is a state of being that carried energy that you can tap into to create a new life.  Just as we use the energy of other newly acquired states of being like marriage or parenthood to transform our lives, we can likewise use the energy of grieving to transform."