The Complete Encyclopedia of Angels



Consider The Complete Enclyclopedia of Angels a pathway to improving your quality of life and enlightening youself through the divinities from Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Celtic, Egyptian, Greek and Roman, Asian, Tibetan and New Age spiritual traditions.  These otherworldly helps will guide you towards spiritual betterment.

You'll learn how to welcome these spiritual icons into you life and avail yourself of the wisdom they have to share.

  • Call on Archangel Raphael to clarify your thinking whilst making tough decisions
  • Connect with the gentle Saint Columba to protect against computer hackers
  • Ask the Sumerian god, Enki, to bring order to your life and organise your home or office
  • Open your heart to the Hindu goddess, Krishna, and find your true soul mate

Discover all the practical and motivating advice this magnificent collection of guardians and spiritual beings can bring to every aspect of your life.