The Cosmic Journal



The Cosmic Journal is delightfully handwritten and illustrated with wise messages on purpose, destiny and the universe with engaging writing prompts and fun exercises to inspire and motivate you towards your dreams.

Here it is: The "Galactic Instruction Manual" you should have been issued at birth to help you RE-remember exactly WHO you really are and fulfil your destiny of greatness.

Inside this weird and wonderful book, you will find deep wisdom, meaningful messages, and a bit of magic to unlock the doors of your truth. Each page has been whimsically illustrated and completely hand-lettered by visionary entrepreneur Yanik Silver.

The topics range from the powerfully practical to the magical and mystical, with additional journal prompts and nudges to help you pen your own next chapter within these pages. Read your Cosmic Journal from beginning to end, or use it as an Oracle by flipping to a page at random to se the perfect message awaiting you from the Universe.  Write in here, embellish it, jot notes to yourself, and even slip items inside your book to make it uniquely yours. The more you play with it, the more you'll find that signs, symbols and synchronicities appear in your life like doors opening to reveal your truth.

Trust the universe has even more in store for you than you can imagine.  Set your highest intention, and hold on for the ride.