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Mystically Minded is an online Crystal and Metaphysical store with a difference. The founder, Jacqui-Marie, blends her intuitive and healing abilities with her creative talents to bring you a range of bespoke metaphysical and Jewellery items created by herself, alongside a carefully chosen range of crystals and metaphysical products.

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Tarot Card 9 of Pentacles

Tarot Card in Focus

Eight of Pentacles

 Study - Work - Mastery

The Eight of Pentacles is about learning and mastering a new skill or craft.  Known as the apprenticeship card, it frequently shows up when you are about to embark on a course of study, new job, or venture that will bring you financial gain.

Bonzite Tumbled Stones

Crystal in Focus


Bronzite is a grounding stone that allows you to just be still.  A protective stone that may reverse the effects of ill-intentions directed towards you.  This stone will help you take non- judgemental decisive action whilst keeping your composure. 

Inspirational Quote


 "Even when nothing seems to indicate you're accomplishing what you desire in your life, refuse to entertain doubt"

A quote by the esteemed 

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Carnelian Polymer Clay Pendant

Many of the items for sale with Mystically Minded are created by the owner Jacqui-Marie, who blends her intuitive self with her creative self to bring you unique metaphysical and jewellery items that you won't find elsewhere.  So if you are looking for something that little bit different or that you can't get anywhere else, you've come to the right place. 

Here at Mystically Minded, we endeavor to source all of our Crystals and products through reputable Australian wholesalers.  We take the time to research and visit, where possible, the wholesalers we work with to ensure the products we sell are in keeping with our values and high-quality standards.

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Essential Oil Image

                                                        At Mystically Minded we use 100% essential oils in our bespoke essential oil blends, Aura, Vibrational Mists and Pulse Point Roll-ons.  We source our oils through reputable Australian wholesalers and distributors as well as doTerra.  This allows us access to a wide range of oils to create our bespoke range. 

Hand Holding Clear Quartz

We offer Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Crystal Therapy Healings, facilitated by Jacqui-Marie, who is a gifted Energy and Crystal Healer.  She combines all her healing abilities to provide you with an experience tailored to suit your needs. 

Card Reading Image

We offer Tarot and Oracle Readings by Jacqui-Marie, who is naturally intuitive and is a qualified Oracle and Tarot card reader, having studied with some of the best teachers and Tarot programmes.